Merger Benefits

Greater Together

Together our associations merged will make us the 3rd largest association in Florida, and the 8th largest association in the county. Together we'll be known as the Orlando, Pinellas, and Central Pasco Association of REALTORS®.

Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association - 15,405

Central Pasco Association of REALTORS® - 8,614 do we # them separate?

Pinellas Realtor Organization - 8,614 do we # them separate?

Greater Representation

Together we'll have a stronger political voice locally and nationally. With a stronger group of members, we'll have more MLS seats, FR directors, and NAR directors.

Greater Member Value

Your benefits will double and go from coast to coast. As a merged association we will combine resources for our members which means more products, more services, and extra classes. 


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